Neco Result 2018 | Neco Result Released Date | Neco Result Checker CHECK HERE

Neco Result 2018 | Neco Result Released Date | Neco Result Checker

NECO Result 2018 | National Examination Council 2018 Result Is Out, NECO June/July SSCE results are out. The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released 2018 Senior School Certificate Examination results online. Continue to read below for all the details you need on how to check your NECO result in this webpage for free of charge.

Neco Result 2018

Neco Result 2018

Neco Result 2018

The National Examinations Council (also named as NECO) is a Nigerian examination body that administers the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) and the General Certificate in Education (GCE) in June/July and December/January sequentially.

Before we continue how the procedures to use to check your 2018 NECO result online, you have to buy NECO result checking scratch card in an outline where they are been sold.

N/B: Cards are ready in all NECO offices.

When Will NECO Result 2018 will be Out?

Well, as we all know that Neco examination was recently concluded in the country, Just like Waec Result 2018 it won’t take much time to Released Neco result speaking with one of the Neco officers, He released that the result will be released 60days after the exams. So with the much anticipation let starting counting from the last day of the Exams.

NECO Result Released Date.

This year’s NECO examination begun on the 21st of May and continued till 9th of July 2018. We are expecting the Neco result to be released on or before September 2018, If there’s any reason for not meeting up the National Examination Council will inform us so that we can spread the news.

NECO Result Checker Procedures.

Throughout the years, you’ll be astonished that the same procedures your great-grandparents used in checking their NECO results are the same method you’ll have to make use of to check your Neco Result 2018, Despite the fact that nothing was the same.

You can still be able to check your result the same way they did theirs, no further stress. This year is not assumed to be any different so chill, we have set the steps by steps guideline to follow in checking your NECO results below. To make thing fast and easy for you, we can be able to check your Neco result online.


How to Check 2018 NECO Result Here.

  1. Go to NECO website result checking portal @
  2. Select your examination type i.e. Nov/Dec
  3. Select your year of examination i.e. 2018
  4. Enter the result checking scratch card PIN number in the required column
  5. Enter your examination number
  6. Finally, click on Check My Result button to access your 2018 NECO result.

Share your results with others using the comments section.

Good Luck.

Then, to check your result the five (5) simple steps below can be of great help. You can also email or print your result

Easy Steps – How To Check NECO Results

  • Select year Examination Type
  • Select year of examination
  • Enter your card PIN number
  • Enter your Examination Number
  • Click on “Check My Result” button

Enter your details in the boxes provided on NECO website – With correct details, your result will be displayed. If your details are not displayed, then recheck to be sure you haven’t made a mistake.

NECO Result Checker 2018.

  • Type: Select from the drop down menu: (June/July, Nov/Dec, JSCE, NCEE)
  • Exam Year: Select the year of examination: (2000 – 2017)
  • Pin No: Enter the pin from the NECO scratch card purchased from any NECO office
  • Exam No: Enter your examination number which includes exam center and seat number
  • Click on Check My Result.

How to Print NECO Result 2018

You can now print out your result by clicking on the Print Icon on the NECO website page or use your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+P.

Select your printer connected to your computer and click OK. (Your result will be printed).


The most recent internal Senior School Certificate Examination is coming to an end, but people already want to know their results. In this article, we will answer the question ‘When is NECO result coming out?’ and tell you how to use the NECO result checker. Is NECO result out? Now, when it comes to National Examination Council (NECO) exam results, it is important to establish what exams we are actually talking about, as there are four of them. We have: Internal Senior School Certificate Examination (or SSCE) for high school students in their third year that is held annually in June/July; The External SSCE for candidates not in the school system that is held annually in November/December; National Common Entrance Examination (or NCEE) for sixth-year students that is held annually in April; Basic Education Certification Examination (or BECE) for ninth-year students that is held annually in April/May. The answer to the question ‘Is NECO result already out?’ solely depends on the type of exam you sat for. For instance, the results for 2017 External SSCE have been out since January 2018. As for the NECO 2018 Internal SSCE results, we only have last year result right now. There have been no announcements when the results of this year’s summer exams would be out, but if we were to judge by last year, we would say that you should expect your SSCE results sometime in September 2018. Now, when it comes to NCEE and BECE, there has been no information on when the results are going to be announced as of yet. So far, the online result checker does not have the year 2018 among the options. As soon as it does, you will know that the results for at least one of these two exams is out. Speaking of NECO checker, do you want to learn how you can check your results once they are out? Then let us help you with that. Continue reading, and we will teach you how to do it. How to check NECO result READ ALSO: How to check NECO result with scretch card? Once the results you are looking for are out, you can check them using the official NECO website for result checking. This is how you can use the result checker according to the instructions on the website itself: Go to one of the NECO offices and purchase a result card for ₦300. Visit the result checker website at In the fields on the left, select the type of examination and the year of your exam. Input the pin number from your result card, along with your examination number. Click the ‘Check My Result’ button, and you will be transported to the page with your results. Plain and simple. As of now, there have been no news on when the exam results will be out exactly, but as soon as we learn some new information, we will make sure to let you know. Until then, stay put and do not worry, they should be out in no time.

THE ongoing 2018 Senior School Certificate Examination, SSCE conducted by the National Examination Council has been greeted with criticism for question paper leakages and irregularities. From the e-registration to the supervision of the examination, it could best be described as a shadow of its past, said some of our respondents. According to our investigations, before the commencement of each examination, many students and teachers were already in possession of the question papers and the answer scripts. The leakages of the question papers were more on subjects such as English Language, Chemistry, Literature in English and Government. On one of the prominent websites,, candidates were promised direct answers on their phones 30 minutes before the commencement of  examinations. The website stated, “subscribers will get link to where answers are posted online, receive confirmation text in the night after payment. We will send answers to candidates’ direct mobile phones first before linking subscribers to the website. No more opening of answer page for public view.” Our source said that a candidate pays between N8,000 and N10,000 for the leaked questions and answers. For confirmation, below is an extract of the leaked NECO English Essay already answered as received from a concerned teacher. ”Essay-part-question: 1) A cousin of yours in SS2 is discovered to be pregnant and her father has threatened to send her out of the house. Write a letter to pacify the father and suggest what you think can be done to salvage the situation. 2) Write an article suitable for publication in a national daily on the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. Suggest how to rehabilitate them. 3) The literary and debating society of your school is organising a debate on the topic: Pen robbery is worse than armed robbery. Write your argument for or against the motion. 4) Write a story that perfectly illustrates the saying: To err is human, to forgive is divine.” “NECO essay-part-answer: (4)  The brother who has squandered his inheritance was being given red-carpet treatment upon his return, while he, who had toiled faithfully for his father had nothing to show for it. The world needs more leaders with the mentality of the boy’s father. He knew that his son had done wrong but hoped that the boy would return one day. He prepared for his return. There was a fattened calf and a robe waiting. The boy must have been stinking like a pig from his close association with the animals; that did not matter to his father. Instead of asking him to account for the wealth he had entrusted, the father welcomed him home. Lower position On his part, the boy knew that he had done wrong. Long before he started the journey home, he thought of the apology he would give to his father for all the things he had done wrongly. He was also prepared to make amends. The boy also expected to be placed in a lower position than he had been in. One of the lessons here is that of taking personal responsibility for our actions. Most people will look for excuses for their mistakes. It is crucial to carry out an honest self-evaluation and decide what went wrong and how you will make amends for it. Then there is the other brother who had worked for his father without having been given anything for his work. Don’t we have such people in organisations? They are people who wonder when they will be recognised for their work. The father said wisely that everything that was in the farm belonged to the boy. All of us should work with the mentality of an owner, and not of a worker. Organisations are about people, and people are known to make mistakes. Some people are entrusted with huge responsibilities, and when they make a mistake, there are several people waiting to bring them down. I challenge you to look for the best in others, to anticipate that they will turn out alright and to rejoice when people try to make amends for the wrongs they have done. After all, to err is human: to forgive is divine.” ” Students were not even sure whether the answers were correct, before they started copying. A teacher, who does not want his name in print because of his job said he was already in possession of the question papers and the answers before the exams started. According to him, the leaked question papers were already in public domain long before the exams began. On irregularities in registration, a candidate, Olalekan Kuye in Ondo State, said he had registered and done the NECO fingerprint few months back, only to be called for another data capture and fingerprint during the examination. He said: “I don’t know why NECO would call me for another registration and fingerprints that I did months ago. When I did my registration and fingerprints, it was successful, why a repeat of it when we have written about two papers?” Also Olawale Akeju from Gladys School in Lagos had the same experience as he was asked to come for biometric after he had done four papers. He said: “I was informed by a teacher in our school who is charge of the examination that NECO official needed me to come for my biometric which done at cybercafe.” Moreover, reports revealed that many candidates across the states did e-registration twice. While examinations were ongoing, NECO authorities were still requesting candidates who had registered months ago to repeat the same exercise.

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